The Coach House
The beloved Coach House at 39A Queen’s Park Crescent East was the site of the famous McLuhan Monday Night Seminars. Through McLuhan100 these lively and thought-provoking dialogues have been resurrected but their home is in desperate need of attention.

The University of Toronto’s Faculty of Information (the iSchool) has a plan to not only revitalize the building but to enable the legacy of McLuhan.

The Coach House Institute
Donors are invited to support a bold new vision. The Coach House Institute and its McLuhan Program in Culture & Technology will become a vibrant teaching and research environment for international workshops, intensive seminars and progressive debates on digital media. It will be an intensive, interdisciplinary and interdivisional space to explore how the content and conduct of academic teaching and intellectual research are being, and will continue to be, transformed by accelerating developments in information technologies.

In short, the Coach House Institute will continue the ground-breaking work initiated by Marshall McLuhan. Through a state-of-the-art facility and several program enhancements including a new graduate program, the Institute will become a knowledge hub on the theoretical and practical impacts of technology on culture and society.

Key outcomes of the physical revitalization of the Coach House:

•  A welcoming environment for public engagement
•  A global nerve centre for discussions about culture and technology
•  The ground floor will become a high-tech small conference centre used for seminars and workshops during the academic year
•  A creative space for public exhibition
•  The McLuhan Virtual Archive Research Centre will be located on the upper floor (with desk space for 3 or 4 researchers and an office for the Coach House Institute Director).

Innovative designs from leading architectural and landscape firms will be sought to ensure that the historic Coach House is a centrepiece on the U of T landscape.

For more information on how you can support our aims, contact: Robin Kester, Senior Development Officer, 416-978-3934,